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Enterprise culture
As one of company employees, we must deeply understand and agree with the company's corporate culture and values.
At all times, we must put the interests of the company first. In addition, we must accept and welcome this work with a higher moral and intellectual status.

1. Enterprise Tenet
Build a harmonious organization, consolidate the benefits of the company, manufacture quality products, meet customer demands.

2. Enterprise Core Values
Business philosophy: Technology leads innovation, professionalism creates quality.
Management policy: Institutionalization, normalization, standardization, refinement.

3. Corporate Humanities Environment
Humanization is combined with the system and the gap is continuously improved.
Qualified employees: distinguish between right and wrong, obey the rules, live in harmony, seek benefits and work hard.
Qualified managers: Keep your responsibilities in mind and keep your employees in mind.

4. Enterprise Talent Policy
Talent-oriented, possess both political integrity and ability, and do everything they can.

5. Enterprise Service Philosophy
Try to provide customers with differentiated services, brand, and fast service.
Constantly surpass ourselves and keep improving when face the customer demands.
Enterprise execution: Vigorous and resolute speed, strict attitude, indomitable efforts.

6. Employee & Business Values
Employees and companies develop together.
- Show your value with lean work quality and efficient work performance.
- Enterprises are the platform for the owners and employees to survive and develop together, we must jointly maintain them.
- The enterprise is a large family of owners and employees who share the system, share benefits, and share risks.

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